The Individual vs The Community


Congratulations! You have been selected by the goblet of fire to represent Hogwarts, and more specifically Gryffindor, in the international tri-wizard tournament. Your skills were so exceptional that you managed to evade fire-breathing dragons, swim through a horde of blood-hungry mermaids and run across a maze littered with man-eating vegetation and put your hands on the winning trophy. Before jumping on the port-key back to the ecstatic Gryffindor crowd and eternal glory, you are given two options from which you must choose. Which one will you decide upon?

Two viruses are floating along on a mucus droplet. One virus says to his companion: “Geez, would it not have been nice if we could somehow run away from all of this and return home, I mean, we are being massacred by the millions, and none of our leaders seem to really care at all’’. His friend responds: “Don’t you see? We are sacrificing ourselves now so that future generation will not have to live under an evil vaccinated regime. Sure, if you run away no one will really notice, but would you be able to live with yourself?”

Hey, you, yeah, you - you reading this question! I have a favour to ask, and please keep it to yourself.. Just choose answer a), OK? It will make things a lot easier for all of us. Thank you!

The Individual vs The Community


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