Digital Democracy and Populism

Lady justice.

Welcome to our Atelier!

We, students (and Dr. Duchateau) of the Digital Democracy and Populism Atelier, welcome you to our digital Atelier! Please take a look around; we have prepared multiple interesting works, including a complete game (playable in your browser), interactive quiz, and a set of exquisite essays all revolving around the interplay of digital democracy and populism.

On behalf of the Atelier: Enjoy!

The Atelier in Short

English. Arguably, everyone knows leaders like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Recep Erdogan. Although they are the head of quite different countries, one characteristic unites them: they are all generally seen as populists. In short, populists are politicians that emphasise that they represent ‘the People’, and fight against an (often technocratic) ‘Elite’. Due to this, they are characteristically moral in their rhetoric. In our project, we analyse their effects, paying special attention to their influence on their countries’ judiciary branch. Additionally, we examine the link between new technologies — such as social media — and populism. All of this is collected in three works: a game, quiz, and a set of selected essays. Hereby, we hope to present an interactive and relevant project!

Nederlands. Bijna iedereen kent leiders als Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, en Recep Erdogan. Alhoewel ze nogal verschillen, is er één kenmerk dat ze verenigt: ze worden alle drie in het algemeen beschouwd als populisten. Kort samengevat zijn populisten politici die benadrukken dat zij ‘het Volk’ vertegenwoordigen, en strijden tegen een (vaak technocratische) ‘Elite’. Hierdoor zijn ze typisch moreel in hun retoriek. In ons project analyseren we de effecten van hen, waarbij we speciale aandacht geven aan hun op de rechterlijke macht. Bovendien bekijken we het verband tussen nieuwe technologieën — zoals sociale media — en populisme. Dit alles is verzameld in drie werken: een game, quiz, en een set van geselecteerde essays. Hiermee hopen we een interactieve en relevant project neer te zetten!

Our Works

Game of Votes. Step into the life of a politician aiming to win the elections! There’s one catch though: you need to satisfy various interest groups… or perhaps set them up against one another. Regardless of your play style, Game of Votes gives a unique view on the world of democracy and populism!

Interactive Quiz. To be announced. Stay tuned for more!

Collection of Essays. Take a look at the various topics we have written about. Populism and its relation (to especially now-digital) democracies is relevant and quite deep. So: perfect for great essays!