Security, privacy and freedom

In how far do you think that privacy and freedom may be limited to increase security?

The quiz below will give you an indication on your position within the philosophical as well as the political debates surrounding security and the resulting impediment of freedom and privacy.


Imagine you have reason to believe that your best friend is being catfished. You have gone through a catfish situation before, and when talking things over with your friend, you notice some signals such as extremely edited profile pictures. What would you do?

The current Corona pandemic is a problem with a social basis: the sickness spreads when people are in close contact with each other. Therefore, it is a shared responsibility to protect citizens. States have proposed corona-tracking apps to fight this pandemic: these apps will track your location and medical situation, in order to check whether you have been in contact with people who carry the virus. Do you think the state has the right to require people to install this app?

Imagine yourself living in prehistoric times: you are totally self-sufficient and live by yourself in the forest, relying on hunting and gathering fruits to sustain yourself. Every night you fight off wolves with your spear, but you have managed to create a decent living for yourself. One day, when you are tracking a deer, you come across a community of people, who are living together and have founded a little village. The village is surrounded by wooden walls, and guards protect the village. The villagers invite you to join their community. However, there is one condition: if you join, you will not be allowed to carry any weapons anymore. You must be sure to trust them. Will you join this community in order to gain protection from the wolves, or will you continue your solitary, but completely free life?

Security, Privacy and Freedom