Cloud Chamber

Undoubtedly, you will have heard of particles, such as alpha particles, electrons or positrons, at high school. But you probably have not actually seen these particles with your own eyes. This will change today.

During our summer school at CERN, we were amazed to see particles fly in a so-called cloud chamber. We tried to make a simpler version of the cloud chamber at CERN and were able to detect particles from space, also called cosmic rays.

One of the required materials to build a cloud chamber can be used for another experiment.

Do you want to experience what we saw after building our own cloud chamber? Are you curious to know what the other experiment is? Find out in our video!

Particles ionize gas molecules, the electrical charge of which acts as condensation points for alcohol molecules, because the latter are polar.
Dry ice sublimates in the boiling water, creating bubbles full of CO2, into which water molecules evaporate and then condense to form the fog, which is emitted once the bubble bursts at the surface. The fog sinks to the floor due to it being colder than the air and also heavier.