The Atelier has been split into five ‘specialisations’, each focussing on a particular country in which the link between (digital) democracy and populism is especially salient. They are:

  • The United Kingdom (groups 1 and 5);
  • Turkey (group 2);
  • Brazil (group 3), and
  • The United States (group 4)

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Group 1 United Kingdom, Part I

Brexit under Boris: How Johnson Changed the Narrative to Sell May’s Deal

Author. Marlene Magerl


Potential Threats of Microtargeting, Elaborated on the Example of the Brexit Referendum

Author. Franziska Guenther


Barring Populistic Power Through Electoral Systems: A Comparative Look on the Forming of Populistic Power in FPTP And Proportional Representation

Author. Vincent Lakerink


Group 2 Turkey

Constructing Power: Populistic Intentions Behind Turkish Infrastructure Projects

Author. Felix Wagner


Populism in the Age of Social Media: A Case Study of the Turkish AKP

Author. Thom-Ivar van Dijk


Populism in Turkey The Use of Social Media in Turkish Politics

Author. Sabrina Kutscher


The Use of Excessive Decrees During a State of Emergency to Strengthen Populist Incumbents in Turkey

Author. Pieter Brongens


Group 3 Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro and the Populist Rhetoric

Author. Aurora Molesini


The Risk of Microtargeting Through WhatsApp for Democratic Elections: The Case of Brazil

Author. Consuela Bulat


Bot-Driven Propaganda Campaigns in Brazil’s 2018 General Elections: An Exploration of How Political Bots Dictate the Online Political Discourse

Author. Madalina Nicolai


‘Friends’ with Bolsonaro, or Yet Another Example of Populist Anti-Democratic Campaigning Facebook

Author. Dan Padure


Group 4 The United States

Entering the Arena: Exploring Trump’s Insults as a Symptom of a New Stage of Populism

Author. Nynke Douma.


Was it Truly Calm Before the Storm?

Author. Arjan Schelhaas


The Modern U.S. Antitrust Debate: A Synthesis and Link to Populism

Author. Niels de Jong


Populism and International Policies

Author. Mohammed Alkadhem


Group 5 United Kingdom, Part II

Disunity in the Kingdom: Could Boris Johnson be the Last Prime Minister of the UK?

Author. Anna Harbers


Brexit and Parliamentary Democracy: Was the 2016 EU Referendum an Appropriate Decision-making Procedure for Brexit?

Author. Sujeong Nam


Did the British Really Support the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and Their Immigration Policies for Brexit?

Author. Kyung Lin Dong


Populistic Aspects of Pro-Brexit Arguments

Author. Daniël Grotzbach