Me or us?

What is more important: your self-interest or the interest of the group?

The quiz below will show you whether you would act in the name of altruism or rather in the name of egoism when faced with some tough choices. The results will give you some more information about why both positions matter, and what to read to learn more about this topic!


It is May 4th, 2020, and you are the owner of Pizzeria da Mario in Milan, Italy. Today is a special day because the “phase 2” has started, and you are finally able to reopen your store after 2 months of inactivity. You are one of the lucky ones, as you were able to survive 2 months of closure thanks to the money you had saved up before. However, other businesses were not as lucky and the lack of revenues for such a long period forced them out of the market. One of them is Mamma Lievito, another pizzeria in the same street as yours, whose owner, Giuliano, is in financial trouble. You know that without external help, he will face severe issues in providing his family a respectable life. You would have the financial possibility to give him the necessary money to keep his activity open without drastically compromising your own standards of living. However, you are aware that Mamma Lievito is a major competitor, and having him out of the market would mean increased revenues for your pizzeria. You are torn, however you have to make the decision today:

You are working for a company that is organizing big open air festivals including world-known artists, camping and a message for every visitor included in the ticket price. Your boss retired a few months ago and now you and one of your colleagues both want to get the job of message director. Since you are organizing a very big festival, there are hundreds of people working with you in the same office and the position of message director is really hard to get. Despite the current Corona situation, home office is not possible since data could be stolen due to insecure Wifi systems and this would be a disaster for the festival organization. Only a few days before the most important decisions will be made and a lot of work needs to be done, you feel that you have a bit of fever and breathing is getting harder, however those symptoms are really weak and you can still think clearly. Therefore:

Have you ever been on holiday to a beautiful hotel in a beautiful country, with sunshine, seaside, tropical sunsets, but also high inequality levels? If yes, you know what we are talking about, if not, then imagine this: You are on holiday in a beautiful warm country, a popular tourist destination, where the level of inequality among the local society is high. You stay at a 5-star all-inclusive hotel, you have everything you need to be happy and thoughtless for a few well-deserved weeks; the employees are locals, always smiling, very dedicated and also a bit submissive. There is no need for you to go outside the hotel to see the reality of common people in this country that is so different to yours, however, on the way to the golf course, you pass by the living area of the local people, among which the employees of your hotel. You can see people’s standards of living are low and the economic prosperity brought by tourists is clearly not reaching them. If you imagine this situation, how do you feel?

Me, or Us?