Down and Alzheimer

"I actually wouldn't want to talk about limitations, I'd prefer to talk about possibilities"

Welcome to the webpage of the Down and Alzheimer atelier!

Here you can see our documentary “De Mens Centraal” about people with Down Syndrome and Dementia. We also have a quiz for you to test your knowledge about Down Syndrome and Dementia. Finally, we will give you an insight in our Summerschool to Barcelona!

But first things first, let us introduce ourselves. We, from the atelier Down and Alzheimer, are a group of bachelor students who study various bachelors. From history to medicine and from law to human movement science. Together this diverse group made the documentary you can see below.

The documentary premiered on the congress “Pronkjewailtjes uut Noorden” and today the documentary will be shown here for one last time especially for you, the public of the online Petrus Camper Festival.

Enjoy watching!

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In our summer school we gained a bright insight into both subjects (Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease) by visiting specialized institutions in the Netherlands and in Spain (Barcelona).

In the Netherlands we visited the Day-care center Zalkerveer & Theehuis. We also visited the Instellingsterrein ‘Landgoed Ursula’, which was a unique opportunity to visit a ‘small village’ for people with intellectual disabilities that is specialized in the care for elderly people with dementia.

In Barcelona we learned more about research over people with Down Syndrome. The Sant Pau hospital has ,for example, an innovative Down & Alzheimer health plan to combine clinical care with clinical research. We also visited the Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation (FCSD), the main mission of which is to improve quality of life of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities and support their full participation in society. Additionally, we paid a visit to the Center of Genomic Regulation (CRG) for biomedical research, in which lab studies are conducted for cognitive deficits in Down syndrome.

Want to get a little view of what we did? Watch the video below! 

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