Community Gardens

Community garden function as a place of encounter for people who want to take a break from work, love gardening, or spending time in the greenery. We have visited several community gardens that were enjoyed by people from all kind of classes. Vancouver is a multicultural city and this was also visible in the inclusive gardens.

As you can see below, the community gardens are spread throughout the whole city! If you want to have a more detailed look at the locations, you can just click on the map below.

Davie Village Community Garden

Davie Street Community Garden is located in Davie Village, which is a neighbourhood in the West End of Vancouver. This community garden is a single piece of land managed and gardened by a collectively group of people living in the near area. The neighbourhood is the home of Vancouver’s gay subculture and is often referred to as gaybourhood. Davie Village includes a large variety in shops, restaurants and hotels for tourists and its own residences.

The garden is located in a busy street and many residence and tourists pass by and enjoy a short walk in the garden. The place exists since the owner of the plot could obtain additional subsidies from the local government. The underlying reason for the subsidies is the community purpose of the garden. 

“I am actively working in the garden for 10 years and enjoy helping people in the garden and having a conversation with the other gardeners. Often, I see strangers passing by and enjoying the fresh here. Most strangers who come here are tourists from the cruise ships coming to Vancouver. Most people just enjoy the greenery but I love that gardening is a conversation starter. I can’t afford a therapist so I come here."​

- John (58)

Creekside Collaborative Garden

Creekside Community Recreation Garden is located near the False Creek in Vancouver. The neighbourhood, Mount Pleasant, can be characterized as working-class because the communities include many first-time homeowners, young professionals, and a growing number of families. The garden is managed by a selective group of individuals who focused on creating a peaceful area rather than a functional one. 

Many people spend their break-time in this location. This results in small groups or individuals peacefully enjoying their lunch the serenity between the flowers. Even though it is a community garden, encounters are rare but a very quick conversation sometimes happen.

“I come here every day during lunch to enjoy a bit of greenery in the city. Besides its restfulness, I love to see numerous insects in their habitat. I am definitely not the only person who like to enjoy the greenery and the sun during their breaks. Sometimes this led to polite conversation, for example, when you see people working in their lots. Another example is saying a simple “hi” to an elderly woman walking her dog."

- Vlad (30)
Olympic Village Community Garden

Olympic Village Community Garden is as the Creekside Community Garden located in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. This area in Mount Pleasant consist of wealthier residents in comparison with the average working class living in this neighbourhood. This can be explained by most people living here are owners of a 1M$+ apartment. The garden is city owned a costs per gardener around 50$ a year.

The garden is located outside the residential area, which consequently results in people to take effort to come here. This leads to negligence of the gardeners to flourish the gardens. 

“I really enjoy gardening but I definitely do not think the garden creates a community feeling. Most owners barely work on their plots so it all looks rather sketchy here. Three days ago, there was a work party that involved only 8 out of the 45 gardeners, which shows there is little interest to put effort in gardening. A community garden can bring people together, but only if everyone is active and motivated to maintain and take care of our garden.”

- Carole (63 years old)

Concluding Remarks

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During the exploration of the community gardens, it became clear that the community gardens form an important place for the local community. This is reinstated by the fact that we had a lot of possible responses from the people that we interviewed. People from all walks of life gather in these gardens to commemorate inclusion and celebrate the city.

If you would like to learn more about community gardens, you can click on the image to your left! On the website, the city of Vancouver explains the concept behing gardening in the city.