University of British Columbia

General Description
The University of British Columbia (located in Vancouver), is a large and well-maintained campus. Located on the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula, it is surrounded by forest on three sides and ocean on the fourth. The campus is also located on unceded Musqueam territory. Being there feels like you are in a whole different city. The lawns are well-maintained and there are a lot of trees, parks and gardens. In the early summer, the rose garden will blossom beautifully.  When walking from one faculty to another, you will face different parks, places to hang out or sports places. The university area is rather diverse and very well maintained.

Diversity rating
UBC, as a university campus, is inherently not very diverse. Since the tuition fees are relatively expensive (e.g. compared to a European university), UBC doesn’t particularly attract students with a lower economical background. Furthermore, most people on-campus are students with similar routines, leading to a lower diversity when it comes to lifestyles. This of course is only natural, and not necessarily bad in any way. At the same time, when looking at nationalities, in 2016, there were over 13.000 students from 152 different countries. It’s worth mentioning that the percentage of international students has rapidly increased in the last few years (eg. the number of international students with Indian citizenship has increased by 172%). Thus, from this perspective, UBC is quite diverse.

Mood rating
It is a very large complex with many buildings, statues, gardens and recreational areas that make it look more like a city in itself than a university in the style of Groningen. Due to its size it seems to be a quiet and relaxed place at first, but looking at the bus station and the main areas of the university a different conclusion can be reached. That is to say, UBC attracts people from all over the city, as it offers numerous activities and employment opportunities, which makes it a good place for encounters. However, the immense number of activities that UBC offers do label it as an enjoyable spot to spend a day visiting.

Economic status
UBC is one of the leading universities in the world and thus a very affluent and prestigious institution. The sheer size and prestige of the area shows that it is visited by students of rich households. Tuition and accommodation are also pretty expensive Furthermore, the University comprises a lot of restaurants, cafes, museums and shops, which make the whole area very active in economic terms, even beyond the field of education.

Kind of people
Naturally, the campus of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver campus) is filled with students. In fact, there are over 50.000 students. In total, in 2016, there were approximately 1000 students with an aboriginal background, 13.000 students from outside Canada, of which over 5000 have a Chinese nationality. Interestingly, following a seemingly world trend, there are more women than men studying at the UBC (a rate of 56:44 in 2017).


You would fit in here best if you fit these criteria:

  • Are a student 
  • Younger in age (<30) 
  • Affluent 
  • South East Asian, South Asian or Caucasian