Petrus Camper Festival

The Petrus Camper Festival

Since 2012 the Petrus Camper Festival takes place in the Academy Building in Groningen. The name of the festival is dedicated to professor Petrus Camper (1722-1789), a medical man at the University of Groningen since 1763. Petrus Camper was born in 1722 in Leiden and he was a son of a learned and rich preacher. His interests were in: architecture, drawing, furniture making and mathematics. He studied at the University of Leiden where he received a broad scientific education. After a scientific journey through England and France, Camper became a professor by the University of Franeker in 1749. From 1756 Camper taught in Amsterdam and in 1763 he moved to Groningen where he became professor of theoretical medicine, anatomy, surgery and botany.

He tried, just as he did in Amsterdam and Franeker, to give his students the best possible education. He was known as an outstanding orator who was able to explain things in a clear and enjoyable manner. He supported his lectures with practical and drawings, which he made himself. During his professorship in Groningen, the number of students was three times higher than in the previous years.

Conforming to prof. Petrus Camper, the festival will try to explain current societal issues in a clear and enjoyable manner. Students of the Honours College finish their Bachelor program with the activities they present on the festival. The event shows how students and professors cooperate and how this result in a memorable afternoon.