Following a 4-month campaign with the use of social media and complaint letters addressed to the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs of Bahrain, our team has concluded that the following points were of most significance to us:

 - A Learning about academic freedom has been the main impetus behind our efforts to raise awareness about an unjustly imprisoned scholar.
 - B Scholars at Risk network has provided us with valuable insight and resources. It was important to present them to others in a concise and informative manner. For example, we contributed by creating a video, a website, and graphic art posters, and by publishing articles promoting academic freedom.
 - C Being creative and empathic. We achieved this by taking part in different simulations in order to put ourselves in scholars-at-risk’s shoes.
 - D Working together, staying virtually connected, and flexible.

Finally, we will continue to strive towards our goal of promoting academic freedom. We believe that academic freedom should not be taken for granted. We have the moral duty to help others who are not free to enjoy their right to academic freedom. Speaking up and taking action today will undoubtedly make an impact!